This website describes the history and other aspects of All Saints' Church, which is part of the Parish of Basingstoke. The church is a Grade II Listed building designed by the renown architect Temple Moore. It was designed to support Christian worship in the "high church" tradition. Since its construction it has welcomed everyone, no matter who they are, where they come from or what they believe, to share in worship and fellowship. The following sections relate the history and explore features of All Saints' which continue to encourage its community to live and share in the faith of God. The building may look old, but those who visit it recognise the enlightened modern spirit of a congregation willing to express its views  and values.


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This is an independent unaffiliated website providing a record of some of the history, art and architecture of All Saints'  Church, Basingstoke 
All Saints' Church is part of the Parish of Basingstoke - see their website - basingstoke.church  - for details of services, etc.