all saints' church, basingstoke
South Aisle Windows

If you walk along the South Aisle from the Memorial Chapel to the Main Door you willpass the following 3 stained glass windows. 

The first is of St Christopher. He can be seen carrying the infant Jesus on his shoulders over the river. St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and is often shown on medallions. This window was given in memory of Arthur Thelenburg, a former Church Warden of All Saints'.

The second window shows St Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians. This window was given in memory of Mr Arthur L Page who was organist of the church from 1920 to 1933.

The window depicts St. Cecilia, clothed in a green robe with a white cloak over her shoulder bearing in her hands a small pipe organ. The figure stands in front of a crimson background, framed within a Gothic recess. The window was designed and painted by Messrs. James Powell and Sons of Whitefriars Stained Glass Studios and it was presented by Arthur Page’s family. A report that the window had been installed appeared in the April 1957 Parish magazine, but the actual date of dedication was not mentioned. 

The last window is of St Boniface, a Benedictine monk and early Christian missionary to what is now Germany. This window is dedicated to the memory of the Revd W Kimber who was a missionary in British Guiana (now Guyana) and his sisters. His father had been a Church warden of All Saints'.